Tortiglioni is my first Modeling, Texturing, Shading, and Lighting Reel at Vancouver Film School.

I wanted to create a customized homestyle kitchen of one italian chef who runs an old tiny gormet restaurant. I really enojyed building my only one kitchen in the world. I had so much fun and learned incredibly a lot.

- Working with Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop to build models, create textures and shaders. (Render Engine : Mental Ray)

- Using Premiere Pro to edit the whole sequence and export it.

- Taking 6 months to start and finish Tortiglioni.

Through creating and finishing Tortiglioni, I felt a pure joy of 3D art. I still felt so lucky to join in the class 3D95 and so meet awesome individuals as talented amazing artists. Thanks to many of them, I could feel happy and comfortable to stay late every single day in the lab, I could get lots of inspiration surrounding by hardworking friends, I could not stop or get bored on developing this project. I'd never forget how much I enjoyed my time in VFS.